Everything You Need To Know About Netcurrencyindex 500 – Benchmark For Cryptocurrencies And The Entire Blockchain Sector

Netcurrency Index 500 or NCI500 is the benchmark that allows you to measure different crypto market states with greatest accuracy and efficiency’ Not only does it provide you with real-time data to compare digital assets and multiple crypto markets, it also serves as a profitable investment option’ You can purchase NCI500 to earn passive income without having to work industriously’

Netcurrency Indexprotocol and its indices are supposed to be the best approach to measure the cryptocurrency markets and other associated blockchain industry sectors with ultimate precision’ Investment companies, banks and all associated market participants follow them’ The market cap of digital currencies can’t be evaluated by the standards’ The rapidly growing market with its stable changes also requires the responses matching the pace of development netcurrencyindex

The calculation of an index of digital currencies can’t be measured on the basis of the worth of market cap only’ Although the market cap reflects the acceptance of a single cryptocurrency in the market, it’s not suitable for giving-up, or sharing constantly changing market situations’ In NCI500, the strongest 500 cryptocurrencies are comprised based on market cap’ This index is updated every five minutes automatically and adjusted based on the market capitalization in order to offer the real-time, fully-natural market conditions for each digital currency’

Netcurrency Indexprotocol employs a one-of-a-kind Arbitrage Trading Detecting System (ATDS) that keeps scanning the great arbitrage opportunities to trade crypto pairs on over hundred crypto exchanges’ Users get + Boost through monthly paid dividends in their coin’ So NCI500 is a good investment from all aspects as it can provide you with huge returns in no time’ According to many experts, an index is a good investment than Bitcoin’ The performance of netcurrencyindices has been good in comparison to Bitcoin’ During the course of one year (August 2017 – October 208), Bitcoin improved by about 80%, while the netcurrencyindices improved by around 100% to 300%, which is really impressive’ This is due to the other cryptocurrencies that have performed well in comparison to Bitcoin’

So, index is good investment option from all aspects’ Investors can benefit from unpredictable gain of some crypto coins’ In addition to providing you with good opportunities to double your money, netcurrencyindices also provide you with the most accurate tool for comparing all the crypto coins and the bloackchain sector’ They combine a benchmark for active traders and asset managers, a useful instrucment for investors, and a replicable index for exchange traded funds and passive funds’ If the latest price of a particular cryptocurrency included in NetCurrency IndexProcol’s index is no longer available in the market, then they will show other cryptocurrency with the highest market cap and update in their data calculation’ You can now purchase NCI500 by getting registered with NetCurrency IndexProtocol’ You should visit their website to know more about how they work’

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