Do Great Thai Massage Therapists Need To Be Saints?

He goes to another famous healer/teacher and finds out that he can not smoke, but his private life is a mess, and he’s lots of girlfriend trouble’

Again yet another well known teacher comes with an amazing ego’ These aren’t examples which I just constructed, but eleven years back I was that this newly arrived Thai massage student in Thailand, and that I did study with all those teachers’

Life is seldom how people think it should be’ Our ideal มรภ’สวนสุนันทา of a healer is a calm, spiritual, modest, kind individual, ideally a vegetarian, meditator, non drinker and non smoker’ A saint in different words’ Should the healing skills of this master not translate in to every part of the lifetime, shouldn’t there be an congruency between all elements of his lifetime? Logic tells us that it should be so, but life informs us otherwise’

The first time I ever saw the series smoking ace that he took one look at me and remarked that I experienced a kasus with my own ankle’ This was very true since I’d sprained my ankle badly a few months earlier and also the ankle retained causing me to a lot of issues’ Hence that the master said to lie down and he started to work on my ankle for a couple minutes’ He then adjusted my ankle with a cracking sound like every time a chiropractor adjusts your spine’ Cost: No Thing’

I had a hard time reconciling his great talent, his intuitive powers, and his smoking’ Once I ran into several such challenges with Thai massage educators, I decided that I needed to change my expectations’ After all there was not any use in trusting that life should be one way when actually it’s not ‘

It is somewhat like a relationship or union’ We often make the mistake to expect that our partner should be absolutely compatible in all areas – a ideal fit sexually, a ideal bisexual, dancing partner, sports partner, intellectual companion, mentally stable and supportive, a great cook, gardener or handyman…

What an incredible burden for somebody to surpass this idealistic image! Ofcourse no body may fill such a job, and with such expectations is the fastest road into a failed relationship’

I had to understand my lessons in this arena, and it helped me with my less than perfect Thai massage educators’ Many students put teachers upward on a base and turn them in a guru’ I’ve seen this both from the Thai massage arena here in Thailand and in the yoga community’ Undoubtedly there are a number of healers and teachers that are very balanced in all areas of life, but they’re a minority’

It’s likely to produce the most exquisite songs and have a totally erratic personality’ Ask Mozart’ It’s likely to be the inspiration into the world and have an entirely messed up life’ Ask Marilyn Monroe and a lot of other famous characters’ And it is likely to be a great Thai massage teacher and healer and also be addicted to smoking’

Better accept their gifts and skills without needing to be saints across the board’ It will not allow teachers to be adored and idealized’ It only causes it to be much harder for them to maintain their egos in check’

Humans are filled with imperfections, and all these are our growth and learning opportunities’ Some individuals have amazing skills, but a terrific skill in 1 area does not translate into individual perfection and should we expect it to do so’